House in Luxembourg-Belair

I was surprised when the owners of this mansion asked me to renovate its exterior, because everything seemed to be already in good condition. But they knew that it was possible to make this house look even more beautiful, and they wanted me to get involved to do it.

We discussed several possible improvements:

    • 1 – Improve the design of the windows by adding profiles.
    • 2 – Improve the design of the roof and cornice.
    • 3 – Refresh the façade and complete the stone frames.
    • 4 – Review the surroundings of the house and the gardens.

The photo of the work in progress already shows the improvement that the small intervention had made on the windows. Replacing windows is a simple intervention that can improve many buildings' appearance, especially when the original chassis have been replaced by empty apertures in an attempt to "modernize". This example demonstrates what should not be done when replacing the windows of an old building.

The finished house is not spoiled by a modernist expression or architect's imprint in conflict with the original building. My personal satisfaction is to have been the one who allowed the owners to bring out all the potential beauty that their home already had.

Another project partially completed with the help of Ex & Co.