Old Gare in Clemency

Project by Mulhern & Steil in 1998 for the Municipal Administration of Clemency.

After the closing of the last café in the village the College Echevinal of the time decided to take measures to ensure that their village would never again be without a café, which is vital for the animation of a community.

The Commune had entrusted us with the transformation of the old station into a bistro with rooms for social clubs on the 1st floor. The layout of a playground and its position next to the bicycle path crossing the Commune has made this a real center of activities for the community.

For safety and hygiene reasons we had to add a new staircase with a toilet in the basement, a space for trash cans for the kitchen and a terrace side playground. There was no question of using a style other than that of the railway buildings of the 19th century.

The staircase is arranged in a new tower, on the south side, the bins on the north side in a simple harmony with the existing. The terrace was covered by a glass and steel construction the year after the opening of the café.